I competently redefine web-enabled methods of empowerment rather than back-end resources, and synergistically visualize highly efficient web-readiness after optimal convergence. I can conveniently deliver robust leadership via world-class technologies, and I’m committed to interactively developing e-business action items via high-payoff leadership for revolutionary ROI.

Just kidding.

I'm a designer and developer, and I want to help you tell your story. And by story I mean something as simple as “I get social media,” or as focused as “our college is the most diverse in the region,” or as fun as “our guided canoe trips will make your whole summer,” or as passionate as “please help us spread the word on this critical issue.”

My experience dates back to my work as a photojournalist almost 20 years ago, chasing down critical moments, ideas and change in motion, captured perfectly to convey an irresistible story. That intersection of technology and visual storytelling eventually led me straight into design, where I could take those concepts farther in more flexible media. I opened my doors as a web and print designer in 1997.

While I’ll rarely turn down an interesting design or development challenge of any kind, I often focus on publication design, information design and data interface and visualization, digital storytelling (think: mini web documentaries) and web app development. But I still love to hand-code a great web site, troubleshoot layout bugs and run press checks on a beautiful print project. What can I say? Geek is a way of life.

Scroll down to check out some samples of my work. These are just a few, so if you don't see what you're looking for — get in touch and I'll dig around in my archives. Give me a call at 775/722-4997, or send an email to .

Web work

Print work